What do you see when you look at the mirror?

In our first newsletter we would like to talk personal relationship. Yes, the one you have with yourself. That 121 that usually happens when you are alone with yourself, that exact one. Did you know that it is the most important part of your day? And that what you tell yourself in these moments is even more important?

The relationship with yourself is crucial for a mental healthy life, and equally important healthy social life. Self-relationship is beyond self-care it is the foundation of everything else and the relationship you have with yourself reflects on the relationship you have with others.

Healthy self-love is important, and you can develop that by having a healthy five minutes ''me talk'' in the mirror. Me time is important as you allow yourself to self-care, and self-love without judgments. Be kind to yourself! And every time you have unkind thoughts slow down your life, make space for yourself, take a deep breath and ask questions: What does this mean to you? What does it say about you? And the most important - is it true?

By slowing down and ask yourself gentle questions you will realize these are shadow beliefs: false believes that along the way you unknowingly absorb, pick up or create about yourself that aren't true, aren't real but they are lurk in your subconscious mind. That is why practice self-love every single day is important. I will help you heal, transform, and embrace your true self. Mostly important let your higher-self shine. :)

Have you thought about that? How do you treat yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts in this topic and if you are in tune with yourself.

#Metime tips you can do your skincare routine while practice self-love, although skincaring is already a step towards self-love. :) Just saying ....

Giving yourself time to read that book that only you are crazy about is also self-love

Lighting up a candle while shower, taking a glass of your favorite wine to the toilet, turn up your favorite music while showering is also self-love.

It does not have to be big, it only have to me meaningful and important to your heart.

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